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There are reports coming in from all over the globe of vicious, head-bobbing pigeons with choreographed movements carrying out orchestrated attacks. It is said they have been entranced by some type of sonic voodoo conjured by Taube of the infamous Urban Click boombap bakery and pigeon-whispering facility, and controlled solely through vibrations imprinted on his pigeonesque solo debut – Bread Slices.

Bread Slices is the culmination of Taube’s musical obsession, limitless creativity and pure feeling, intertwined with a deep understanding of birds (and levitation). The instrumental album drops March 24th 2017 on In The Balance Records, maybe then we will gain a better understanding of what has possessed these insane birds. Bread Slices also features bonus vocals from well known bird enthusiast Verb T and nut case Rye Shabby.

Beats for the hungry, flows for the thirsty … and crumbs to the pigeons!

Album releases March 24, 2017

Preorder the album here.

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