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After releasing his first 12“ featuring Big Daddy Kane back in `98 and putting out various mixtapes, Brooklyn MC WyldBunch has finally released his debut album called „Rich Blood, Broke Pockets“. It is a really honest album, with tracks like Slipping Deeper, Unforgiving World, Mouths to Feed or There For Me. The production on the album was handled by Ayatollah, DJ SoulClap, Amazing Maze, Weirdo, Noize Thievery, Tim Taler, Danetic Berlin, Mr. Blaze, Howard Lloyd, TwoManics and DRK. The only guest verses on the album are coming from Rasco (There for Me) and Lord Tariq (My Story Is Yours). You can already get the album on the usual online outlets and the CD will be out soon! You can buy and pre-listen to all the songs here.
The first single off the album called “Unforgiving World”. Check the video for this song here.

Wyld Bunch is also in the finishing steps of his collabo album with Germany’s own DJ SoulClap.
Here is a track off Rich Blood Broke Pockets produced by DJ SoulClap called Back in the Dayz featuring cuts by J-Ruff.

Download: Wyldbunch Feat. J-Ruff – Back In The Dayz

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