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“I Got It!” the second Diversidad single is now available all the online music stores.
The Diversidad project strikes back after their first single „The eXperience“ gathering all the MCs of the project in one song. Leading up to the release of the Diversidad album in early 2011, the second single „I Got It!“ focuses on three female participants: MC Melodee from the Dutch hip hop duo la Melodia, German singer-songwriter Mariama and Remi of the band Elemental from Croatia. French beat wizard Spike Miller nails it once again with this hypnotic club banger and the scratches are famous French DJ Cut Killer‘s masterpiece!
3 women from different countries whose different styles are mixed in harmony on that fresh, powerful and uplifting track combining different languages and influences around one common culture: Hip Hop
Real challenge, unique human and creative experience, Diversidad allowed them to explore new artistic directions on this all-female song.
If you like “The eXperience”, you’ll dig “I Got It!” as the single is another evidence of the talent the European urban scene has to offer. This is just the beginning. The album includes 14 outstanding tracks representing the high level of contemporary European hip hop. Stay tuned to this unique project made possible thanks to the support of the European Commission.

MC Melodee (The Netherlands)

Mariama (Germany)

Remi (Croatia)

Beatmaker: Spike Miller (France)

Scratch: DJ Cut Killer (France)

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