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Hip Hop had plenty of mixtapes to choose from in 2011, check out the HipHopDX staff’s Top 10, with some honorable mentions as well.

Emcees have been using mixtapes as showcases of all-new original music (and sometimes lyrics over recycled beats) for years now. However, in 2011, artists found new ways to win. The creators behind the Top Mixtapes of 2011 used original tunes, blends of classics, risky remakes, and even double disc offerings to make their mark outside of retail. For many, these mixtapes served as a launchpad for huge careers this year that will undoubtedly propel them to the very next level come 2012.

Check the list here.
They don’t get our full co-sign, a but a few of these projects (mostly these four tapes) are a must-have.

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